meat and mass never hindered man

meat and mass never hindered man

a 1628 J. CARMICHAELL Proverbs in Scots no. 134 A mease [mess = serving] of meat hinderit never man.

1639 J. CLARKE Parœmiologia Anglo-Latina 273 Meat and mat-tens hinder no mans journey.

1641 D. FERGUSSON Scottish Proverbs (STS) no. 644 Meat and masse never hindred no man.

1817 SCOTT Rob Roy III. ii. ‘What the devil are ye in sic a hurry for?’ said Garschattachin; ‘meat and mass never hindered wark.’

1893 R. L. STEVENSON Catriona I. xix. Meat and mass never hindered man. The mass I cannot afford you, for we are all good Protestants. But the meat I press on your attention.

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